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    Heavy-Duty Industrial Fume Extractor

    Micro-Pleat Series 1 Particulate Filters
    Model # SS-500-PFS-MP1 & Model # SS-550-PFS-MP1
    Heavy-Duty Portable Fume Extractor
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    The Model 500 Portable Floor Sentry Micro-Pleat fume extractor is engineered for applications that require heavy-duty and high volume fume extraction. This powerful air purification system is capable of providing up to 1300 CFM of air volume and is available in various source-capture configurations. One popular option is a 7' L by 7" diameter source-capture arm which is externally supported with full 360º arm rotation and equipped with a rigid aircraft-grade aluminum 6" diameter segment and flexible black flame-retardant Flex Sentry™ hose. A 10' L HD Extractor Arm upgrade is available.

    This system is equipped with cleanable Micro-Pleat Series 1 Particulate Filters and is designed for applications such as production welding (MIG, TIG, Stick, Plasma Cutting), grinding, powder weighing, some dust collection applications, multiple operator fume extraction (classroom settings, multiple soldering, welding, and brazing stations), and more. Over a year of research and testing was performed in developing this particulate media filter.

    The Particulate Filters are engineered to be easily cleaned with the use of pressurized air. This form of self-contained cleaning does not require removal of the filters; the operator simply sprays air into the filter media to clean and rejuvenate them while excess dust and waste falls into the internal dust pan, allowing for simple and clean debris removal. The included magnehelic gage is an excellent tool for determining filter saturation. Once the pressure levels begin to increase, the operator can clean the filters and the pressure reduction will be noted on the gage.

    The Model 500 is portable and requires no exterior-ducting or makeup air. Heavy-duty locking casters and a variety of extraction arm options make this fume extractor the perfect solution for applications that require a powerful respiratory engineering control with maneuverability. This unit comes equipped with a Variable Speed Controller and Magnehelic Gage.

    The Model 500 is also available with Activated Carbon Filtration.

    Heavy Duty Portable Fume Extractor Heavy Duty Portable Fume Extractor Heavy Duty Portable Fume Extractor Heavy Duty Portable Fume Extractor
    Heavy-Duty Portable Fume Extractor Heavy-Duty Portable Fume Extractor



    Cabinet Dimensions:

    30" D x 30" W x 42.5" H


    Arm Dimensions:

    7” Diameter, 7’ L (10' L HD Hybrid Arm Upgrade Available)
    Rigid segment: Aircraft-grade aluminum, 6” diameter
    Flexible segment: Black Flex Sentry™, hose, flame-retardant, with 10” round capture hood

    Available Filter Efficiencies:

    (4) Micro-Pleat Series 1 Particulate Filters (MERV 16 efficiency rating)
    (4) 60 lb. Activated Carbon Filters (efficiency varies depending on application)


    Approximately 225lbs without Filters
    Approximately 317lbs with Filters Installed

    Approximately 240lbs without Filters
    Approximately 332lbs with Filters Installed

    Cabinet Material:

    16 ga. carbon steel



    Fractional Horsepower

    1.5 HP

    Air Volume:

    Up to 815 CFM High

    Up to 955 CFM High


    115/1/60, Approximately 2.5 amps
    220/1/50, Approximately 1.5 amps

    115/1/60, Approximately 10.7 amps
    220/1/50, Approximately 5 amps

    Sound Level:

    Approx. 65 dba @ 3' from inlet

    Approx. 72 dba @ 3' from inlet


    Limited two-year warranty from date of shipment on defects due to materials or workmanship.

    Limited one-year warranty from date of shipment for the fan/motor. Limited two-year warranty from date of shipment on defects to
    parts/assembly due to materials or workmanship.

    Patented Design:

    U.S. PATENT #61563228 Pending


    All specifications are nominal and subject to change without notice. Not intended for explosive or highly flammable applications. (i.e. when the Lower Flammability Limit is exceeded for any given chemical). Please consult the specific MSDS for questions regarding flammability limits.

    Spark Reducer
    Reduces sparks from entering the unit.

    Remote Control Box
    Controls unit operation remotely.

    100 Series (Up to 80 CFM)
    200 Series (Up to 100 CFM)
    300 Series (Up to 350 CFM)
    400 Series (Up to 700 CFM)
    450 Series (Up to 950 CFM)
    500 Series (Up to 1300 CFM)
    Extractor Arms (Exhaust Hoses)
    Accessories (For All Products)

    Additional Configurations 500 Series - Up To 1300 CFM

    Particulate Heavy-Duty
    Fume Extractor
    Particulate Heavy-Duty
    Dual Arm Fume Extractor
    Particulate Heavy-Duty
    Python Hose Fume Extractor
    Particulate Heavy-Duty Dual
    Python Hose Fume Extractor
    Activated Carbon Heavy-Duty Chemical Fume Extractor
    Heavy-Duty Dual Stand
    Assembly Fume Extractor

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