SS-200-FS Testimonials

"I have a busy laser practice in Maryland and have been using the Sentry plume extractor for nearly two years. The unit is quiet and efficient. The HEPA filter assures me that we are using the most advanced technology available to ensure patient and staff safety. I highly recommend this unit for any medical practice that desires worry free performance as an adjunct to their laser procedures."

Dr. Mark E. Spier
Laser Treatments
Reisterstown, MD

“We purchased two Floor Sentry Fume Extractors for the purpose of lowering the exposure to isoflurane and dental acrylic that are used in our lab's surgical procedures. These extractors exceeded our expectation. Before purchasing the Floor Sentry systems, we used to have multiple fans and air purifiers running, and the odor of the dental acrylic could be smelled 30 yards away in the main hallway. The isoflurane would commonly give our researcher's headaches due to prolonged exposure, but now that we run the Floor Sentry systems, neither of those problems exist any longer. They're quiet, unobtrusive, and extraordinarily effective.”

Jarret Frank
Laboratory of Cognitive Neurobiology
Boston University
Boston, MA

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