Testimonial: Sylla Designs

Sylla, a jewelry designer and metalworker located in Calgary, Alberta, melts silver and gold so that it can be shaped into the wearable art he for which he is known.

Sylla at his work bench with a SS-200-FS unit equipped with activated carbon and HEPA filters. Examples of his work in silver are inset on the right.

When Sylla and his wife, Marie, moved the studio to a new building, an HVAC specialist recommended they not rely solely on building ventilation for protection from metal fumes.

Melted or heated silver and gold can produce fumes – and it’s never a good idea to breathe any fumes or dust created when metal is worked. [Over-exposure to silver fumes is unusual, though, because it can permanently change the color of one’s eyes and skin.]

Sylla and Marie are often hosts to visits from community groups.

It was important to them that visitors are not exposed to any harmful fumes.

In the photo, Sylla works with a visitor to the studio. The Model 200 Floor Sentry pulls fumes away from them as they heat the silver. The system utilizes two types of filtration, a carbon pre-filter and a HEPA Filter, which is  up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger.

Marie says, “Your company was highly recommended by the building HVAC contractor.

“We use the unit principally when melting the metal [silver or gold] and anytime we are using our torch to warm up the metal when we are shaping it.

Marie of Sylla Designs

“It is pretty quiet and convenient to reposition where we need with the flex arm.

“Definitely a great choice for our business!”

You can see more of Sylla’s work at http://www.sylladesigns.com.

Model 200 Floor Sentry

This unit is a good fit for artisans who follow a variety of steps to produce their art.

Its flex hose can readily be positioned to service one area of a work bench, then repositioned to provide ventilation to another task area.

Because of its light weight [approximately 10 lbs.], the chassis can be moved throughout the studio.

There’s more information – including a video and another testimonial about the Model 200 Floor Sentry – on our website.

The Model 200 Portable Fume Extractor is a good fit for processes that involve the emission of particles and fumes, including soldering and light grinding, and the extraction fumes from chemicals, solvents, epoxies and lasers.

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