Ambient air cleaner proves effective in acetone vapor removal

Sentry Air Systems' Acetone TestLast month Sentry Air Systems set out to test how effective our carbon filters are against chemical vapors.

While we have tested our carbon filters before, this test was unique in that the air cleaner chosen for testing is a secondary engineering safety control.

Previous tests have focused more on primary source-capture air cleaners.

The main question we sought to answer…

How effective are our carbon filters against airborne chemical vapor concentrations when used in a secondary, ambient room air cleaner?  

Here is a snapshot of materials and equipment used:

  • Acetone in open vat tray
  • Model 700 Air Cleaner
  • 8-pound refillable granule activated carbon filter
  • Air sampler

The graphic to the right gives a brief overview of the test, along with a chart showing the acetone concentration level over the course of test.

Our chemical applications specialist is currently working on the full report – so stay tuned for more details!