New carbon filtration fume extraction options: designed for cost-effective re-use

Sentry Air's Roundaire fume extractor; more filter than cabinet.

Sentry Air’s Roundaire fume extractor; more filter than cabinet.

When we introduced RoundaireTM in 2013, we made sure it had the kind of features our customers appreciate.

For example, its re-cleanable MERV 16 filter is a high-value, standard feature that helps provide respiratory protection from particles AND keeps filter replacement costs in check.

The filter can be cleaned with pressurized air, then put right back in service.

Carbon filtration for fumes

Now customers can option a disposable carbon filter or a re-fillable carbon filter to trap chemical fumes.

Graphic that describes applications of Sentry Air's Roundaire fume extractor.Both the refillable filter and the disposable filter hold 32 pounds of activated carbon.

We’ve found activated carbon successfully traps fumes from a variety of chemicals, including Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Xylene, and Toluene.

(You can view all our industrial hygiene reports on the Test Data tab of our website.)

Carbon media treated to specifically capture fumes from acid gas or formaldehyde or ammonia is available, too.

Re-fillable carbon filters

The re-fillable filter is designed for easy filling with bulk activated carbon.

Bulk carbon poured into Sentry Air's refillable and re-usable carbon filter for Roundaire

In this video screen capture, bulk carbon is poured over the domed refill insert, which directs the carbon into the walls of the filter. No spills. Always wear appropriate PPE when handling filters.

Sentry Air's refillable carbon filter for Roundaire comes lifting forks for the 32 pound filter for easy emptying.

To empty the refillable filter, hand tighten the lifting forks to the filter. Use the forklift to lift the filter over a disposal container. Manually rotate the filter to empty the used carbon into the container. Always wear appropriate PPE when handling filters. Always follow local, state and federal regulations regarding filter media disposal.

The domed refill insert and the lifting forks are standard with the refillable carbon filter. Like the filter itself, they are designed for repeated use.

RoundaireTM, cost-effective fume extraction

If you’re wrestling with unpleasant and hazardous fumes in your workplace, talk with one of our applications specialists.

RoundaireTM configured with activated carbon media – a refillable or a disposable filter — may be a perfect fit for your operations.

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Sentry Air Systems Demonstrates How Activated Carbon Works in a Filter