Indoor Air Quality

As summer approaches and temperatures and humidity increase, we are seeing more and more Outdoor Air Quality Alerts. It is important to stay aware of these outdoor alerts (Try accessing the following websites to stay up-to-date on Air Quality in your area:,, & Local News Stations ), but to also consider indoor air quality (at home and at work), which can be as bad or even worse than outdoor air quality. It’s important to consider outdoor airborne contaminants that make their way inside, as well as contaminants that are produced by home or work-related processes and substances. Listed below are a few of our past blog posts to help keep you informed:

“Particulate Matter: The Basics” – this blog entry discusses particle pollution and how it can affect you, indoors and outdoors.

“Awareness: Occupational Asthma” this blog entry discusses Occupational Asthma, which can be caused by a variety of indoor airborne contaminants in the workplace.

“Air Quality News: Secondhand Smoke”– news on the health effects of secondhand smoke; a prevalent indoor air contaminant.

“Indoor Air Dangers, Simple Solutions to a Serious Issue”– a guest blog post regarding home air quality and the hazards of asbestos.

Specialized Content that Covers Specific Work-Related Hazards:

“The Hazards of Welding Smoke”

“Hazards of Epoxy Fumes”

“Laser Fume Extraction”- discusses possible health effects associated with laser fumes.

“The Hazards of Solder Fumes”

“The Hazards of Formaldehyde Fumes”

“Reducing Hazardous Exposure to Organic Solvents”

What do you think is the best way to improve indoor air quality?

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