Count’em: 9 Custom Hoods on the Move


Sentry Air Systems custom hoods on a trailer, ready for delivery to customer.

We designed and fabricated these custom hoods, shown here on their way to way to a local Halliburton training facility, to meet very specific customer requirements.

The client required multiple, custom containment hoods and air cleaning systems to remove chemical fumes and particulates while trainees analyzed core samples of dirt.

Ease of use and simplicity of design were must-haves for the trainees and the instructors.

Sentry Air’s application specialist, Marie Haverstock, worked closely with the customer to assist with the dimensional requirements for the hoods, select appropriate filtration, and to size the air cleaning systems that provide appropriate air velocities for the application.

Sentry Air air cleaners, part of a customized solution, on the trailer, ready for transport.

Sentry Air Systems air cleaner units are packed and strapped and ready to be delivered to the customer.

Our engineering team drafted conceptual and specification drawings for the customer to review. All custom hoods were fabricated in-house.

The assembly shop constructed the air purification units and put the finishing touches on the hoods, packaged them for shipment, and put them on the trailer.

Close up of Sentry Air Systems air cleaner units in boxes with motto: simple solutions for cleaner air

Simple solutions for cleaner air on the way to their new home.

At the customer’s site, we oversaw the initial installation to ensure custom requirements were met and customer satisfaction.

As further demonstration of our commitment, we provided a customized paint job and customized documentation for the set up and use of this thoroughly custom solution.

Modular design makes custom work readily doable

We understand the design, engineering, and fabrication of customer-specific containment hood systems.

The modular design philosophy reflected in our products makes it easy for us to be responsive to specific application requirements. Further, we are able to meet stringent customer deadlines in a fairly rapid manner.

If your process requires a hood enclosure or partial enclosure needing specific dimensions, materials, air volume, and/or physical amendments, we can create the solution for you.

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