Custom Laboratory Hood Examples Including Microscope Cutout Models

We’re very proud of our ductless hood lines. They’re well-designed, cost-effective and perform well in varied work environments. While our hoods are useful for a wide variety of applications, certain customers require additional features that are not included in our standard line. The modular nature of our products allows us to easily customize to unique customer applications.

Many aspects of our standard hoods can be customized [hoods include Portable Clean Room Hoods, Ductless Fume Hoods, Ducted Exhaust Hoods, and Ductless Spray Hoods]. Customizations can include constructing the hood of materials that offer electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection; remote control for operating our hoods’ powerful fans; and double-hinged lids designed to meet specific needs.

Lead times for a custom hood order are not much longer than standard fabrication times, typically 2-4 weeks after contact. Our tried-and-true processensures the customer gets the exact hood required.

The first step in the customization process is a consultation with a Sentry Air Systems Applications Specialist. Next, a Sentry Air Mechanical Engineer creates a detailed conceptual drawing for the customer’s approval. When all specifications are approved, fabrication begins.

Custom Portable Clean Room Hood Example: The Microscope Cutout
Typically, we construct a Portable Clean Room Hood, like the one shown in the drawing below, of engineered materials that are strong and resist corrosion: high-density polyethylenes and polycarbonates. But our hoods can also be constructed from other materials that match the user’s specific work environment, including aluminum and stainless steel.

A custom cutout in the lid can provide workers access to their tools without compromising the airflow that offers respiratory protection; the drawing depicts a cutout sized for a specific microscope.

Custom Ductless Fume Hood Examples: Custom Barrel Cutout & Lazy Susan
Suppose you want to repackage bulk powders into smaller containers. You also want to make sure powder  particulates don’t escape from the bulk container in the process.
In the photo below, you see our Ductless Powder Containment Hood [negative-pressure configuration] with a custom cutout that accommodates a process-specific container. 
This negative-pressure hood is customized with
a cutout designed for a particular work process.
Does your task require effective airflow as well as quick and easy access to a variety of tools and substances?

Perhaps a lazy susan inside your hood, like this one we posted to our youtube channel, may really help your operator with the task at hand. 
In addition to installing the rotating tray, we altered
the depth of the hood to accommodate the exact
dimensions of the lazy susan required by our customer.

Your specific hood needs
If you are considering a custom hood, please check out our customization process and give us a call at 1.800.799.4609, email us at, or fill out this simple online form to have a Sentry Air Systems’ Applications Specialist contact you to discuss your needs.