Testimonial: Wedding jewelers create perfect rings without inhaling hazardous fumes, plus great customer service – Part 1

Robbins Brothers is a national jewelry company focused on creating perfect wedding rings – perfect because they are created to fit each couple’s distinct style.

Their jewelers produce a wide range of designs, from classic solitaires to flowing pavé.

At all Robbins Brothers locations, jewelers use their electroplating and soldering skills to produce beautiful rings destined for the hands of a bride and groom.

As you can see in the image below from the Robbins Brothers website, making jewelry is a precise and demanding craft.

New ventilation strategy

Jewelry-making practices and processes, such as electroplating and soldering, can produce fumes with serious health risks if they are not properly managed.

For example, electroplating [a method for applying a very thin coating of one metal onto another metal] can involve acids, even cyanide. When heated via the electroplating process, these substances emit fumes that should not be inhaled.

When Robbins Brothers Safety Manager Ming Johnny Tam implemented a new fume ventilation strategy, he chose Sentry Air Systems Ducted Exhaust Hoods to help provide a safe working environment for the jewelers.

Mr. Tam said rapid order fulfillment and excellent customer service [See Part II of this testimonial.] made it easy to switch from another vendor to Sentry Air.

Small footprint, rapid production time

Sentry Air Model SS-324-E Ducted
Exhaust Hood in a Robbins Brothers

“Prior to purchasing the Sentry Air systems fume hoods, we were purchasing competing fume stations. The biggest impact that Sentry Air has had for us is their production time and the ability to get us the products in a timely manner,” said Tam.

In addition to requiring long lead times, the units of the previous vendor were too big for Tam’s workshops.

“We really needed a unit that was available in a short amount of time (1 week or less), and had a small footprint which allowed our shops to function better in a less crowded environment,“ he said.

Tam recently added Ducted Exhaust Hoods in two widths, 18 inches [Model SS-218-E] and 24 inches [Model SS-324-E] to the two Sentry Air units he previously purchased.

Hood works well as is, no additional components required

Our Ducted Exhaust Hoods can be used for extracting fumes from both electroplating and soldering applications.

“I do like the fact that their product is a complete unit and no additional spill pans are needed (unlike models purchased previously that have a separate lead time from their fume station),” Tam continues.

“Setup is a snap and hardly takes anytime at all.

“I am in the process of phasing out our older fume stations and will replace all units with a Sentry Air Systems fume hood. We currently have four units in place and love their durability and easy to clean surfaces compared to other models.”

“Sentry Air Systems provides exceptional fume hoods at an affordable price with fast delivery.“

Ming Johnny Tam
October 16, 2013

Sentry Air Ducted Exhaust Hoods

Our hoods are available in a wide range of widths, as shown in the following screen capture from our website.

Our Ducted and Exhaust Hoods range in width from 18″ to 70″.

These hoods are frequently used in commercial, medical, laboratory and industrial applications that handle large volumes of volatile organics, powders, and/or chemicals with low odor thresholds.

These hoods are effective, economical tools in standard sizes that readily fit on most work benches; they do not require special pedestals or tables.

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