Testimonial: Wedding jewelers create perfect rings without inhaling hazardous fumes, plus great customer service – Part 2

Ming Johnny Tam, Safety Manager for Robbins Brothers jewelry company, chose Sentry Air Systems Ducted Exhaust Hoods to implement a new fume ventilation strategy.

He likes our products.

Sentry Air’s Marie Haverstock

He really likes the customer service provided by Marie Haverstock, who recently achieved entrance to our $10M Club.

Refused his business, but built trust

“Recently I had inquired about exhaust systems and although Sentry Air did not have one that fit my applications, they did provide me with recommendations on companies that could help me,” said Tam.

“Most organizations don’t want to refuse business. Marie’s direction gave me greater trust in a company that wants to make sure they have the right product for you and not just any product.”

Marie’s extensive product knowledge

“Marie’s knowledge of products allowed me to choose the correct product for my applications. Other companies will suggest a product for you simply because they want your business; Sentry Air  – Marie – has made recommendations that have met my requirements.”

“The customer service provided by Sentry Air exceeds that of any other company that I have purchased from.”

 Ming Johnny Tam
October 16, 2013

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