Ductless Fume Hoods for Titration Reactions

SS-30-WSL customized for Titration Studies

Sentry Air Systems receives inquiries on fume extraction for a variety of different chemical and laboratory applications. One request we receive frequently is for fume extraction during titration analysis.

Analysis by titration is quite common in laboratories. Titration is a method of analyzing the precise quantity of reactant in a flask. It is typically done to determine molarities of unknown solutions such as an acid solution. The method involves determining the endpoint of a reaction through the use of an indicator (such as phenolphthalein). First, a flask is filled with an unknown solution and a couple drops of the indicator are added. Then the titrant is slowly added to the flask. The titrant is usually either a basic or acid solution. Since the vapors from these solutions are extremely harmful and corrosive, ventilation is necessary. Furthermore, toxic vapors can be released during the titration reaction. In fact, overexposure to acid gas can result in damage to both the respiratory and circulatory systems. Adequate ventilation is therefore necessary for those conducting these purity tests. It is recommended that multiple safety controls to protect the respiratory zone be employed.

The burette used in the titration reaction can be quite tall. Oftentimes the height of this burette complicates the ventilation process as it precludes the analysis from being carried out inside a standard ductless hood. To overcome these complications, Sentry Air Systems offers a customized solution for exhausting these harmful fumes and vapors. Two of our more popular units for this application are a customized SS-300-WSL or Winged Sentry with Lid (see picture below) and a customized Ductless Fume Hood that has been constructed to be taller than the standard 24” height of SAS fume hoods.

Both of these units fit the needs of this application very well: the flask and burette both fit comfortably inside the hooded area and the strong suction from the fan can pull the harmful vapors and fumes away from the operator’s breathing zone and through a specialized acid gas filter. Sentry Air offers additional solutions such as the Model 300 Portable Floor Sentry, which offers a localized, source capture fume extraction. All units will come equipped with a pre-filter and a 10lb carbon filter, which has been impregnated with specialty chemicals that will neutralize and remove acidic components in gas streams.

Sentry Air offers many sizes of ductless units that can fit your unique laboratory needs and which don’t require exterior ducting or venting. If you would like more information or have unique needs for your titration reactions, please contact a Sentry Air sales representative who will take time to understand your application so that your specific needs are met and you are provided with a safe environment.

The Model 300 Winged Sentry [Model #  SS-300-WSL] (pictured above) provides a compact enclosure for the operator to work within. The powerful fan pulls fumes away from the operator’s breathing zone and into the filtration system. This unit is approximately 60 lbs and is portable and compact.

For more information on options for this application, call one of our sales representatives at 1.800.799.4609 or email us at sales@sentryair.com.