Ductless Spray Booth: SS-340-DSH

Sentry Air Systems: 40” Wide Ductless Spray Hood

The 40” Wide Ductless Spray Booth (SS-340-DSH) is one of the most popular products that Sentry Air Systems manufacturers. These hooded systems employ the combination of a powerful fan and multiple pre-filters, HEPA filters and activated carbon filtration to effectively contain harmful over spray particulates and fumes. This prevents the operator from inhaling any unwanted spray and odors in the work area. The SS-340-DSH spray hood is a standalone unit which does not require any ducting to the outside or makeup air. Thus making this system extremely economical as it recycles the air inside the facility instead of exhausting heated or cooled air to the outside. Spray hoods are typically utilized in manufacturing facilities, office buildings, academic settings, and various other locations.

These booths are perfect for light spray painting, aerosol sprays, epoxy over spray, etc. The spray hoods are also available in various other sizes. Custom spray hoods can be requested for those that have specific needs.

The SS-340-DSH spray hood has an adjustable speed control and quiet operation to fit to your specific need. The patented fan and long filter life provide for a low maintenance operation. In addition the attractive appearance, solid construction and hinged lid make the perfect combination for any functional operation and operators.

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