Universities in Canada are repeat Sentry Air customers

What explains our long relationships with Canadian universities?

In part, we think it reflects Canada’s overall high standards for health and workplace safety.

In addition, many universities have unique indoor air-quality problems that our products solve in a cost-effective manner.

There’s also this…..

Our sales manager, Omar Ilsever, was born in Vancouver,British Columbia.

Expanding the company in the Canadian marketplace is a personal quest for Omar, and the universities and colleges within the Provinces are at the core of his goals.


“My father is a university professor, and growing up around him I was always in and out of colleges. I got to see the importance of health and safety within this environment, and often the need for flexibility.”

The map below shows various major universities that Sentry Air Systems, Inc has the distinct pleasure of calling customers.

For Omar, working with these universities is a labor of love and friendship.

In addition to his family history, several of his friends and colleagues attended the universities in Canada that Sentry Air works with today.

“It is always exciting for me to start talking to a customer from back home. They seem shocked that I know so much about their institutions. I let them know that I spent a significant amount of my life growing up North”.

As for now, Omar resides in Texas; however, he will always have a fondness and passion for the country he was born in.

From almost 4,000 miles away (6437.38 KM), Omar feels as though he is still working hard to support his birth country by providing Simple Solutions for Cleaner Air.

Our products in Canadian universities

Canadian universities have histories as venerable as the country itself. A university campus with a long history has an array of buildings that have been constructed over time.

As the school adapts to student needs with changing instructional programs, facility managers adapt the buildings in response.

Labs and workshops end up being located in spaces initially designed for other purposes, including basements and large closets.

Appropriate ventilation is always a concern, but facility managers may be legally restricted from altering an historic building to install extensive – and expensive — ductwork to the building’s exterior.

Sentry Air’s ductless technology, a flexible solution

Model 324 Ductless Fume Hood creates a laboratory environment in an existing workspace without the installation of ducts.

A quick survey of our shipments to Canadian universities shows that our Ductless Fume Hoods and Ductless Containment Hoods are popular choices because they don’t require modification to any structure.

University labs are frequently the site of small, specialty processes and our hoods are used to control fumes associated with chemicals, acid gas and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).



Sentry Air Application Specialists provide guidance on selecting appropriate filters for your spray hood application.

Other Sentry Air products in Canadian universities include Ductless Spray Hoods to handle paint and adhesive fumes.

Strong suction at the spray hood’s inlet lifts both fumes and overspray up into the units’ filters.

Both facility maintenance departments and academic art departments, which typically provide a demanding schedule of studio classes, need to capture hazardous paint fumes. 



Mixing clays and glazes in a ceramics studio can produces particles that shouldn’t be inhaled; our portable fume extractors capture them at the source.

Portable Floor Sentries are used to handle the unique fumes created by dental labs, soldering workshops and physics experiments.

Our portable fume extractors are available with a range of air-movement capabilities, expressed as an airflow measurement in cubic-feet-per-minute [CFM].

They can be configured for multiple operators with arms that can be flexibly re-positioned to accommodate a changing set of work tasks.

University, corporate training facility, or home school

We truly appreciate the Canadian universities that use our products to help create safer environments in their laboratories, studios and workshops.

If you’re concerned about hazardous fumes and particulate in your educational environment, give us a call at 800.799.4609, visit our website, email sales@sentryair.com or fill out the feedback form below.

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