Respiratory protection for students and educational facilities

Student desk in classroom with lab notice on blackboard.

Schools have unique respiratory risks when it comes to protecting students.

In laboratory classes, it’s likely some students are learning a new skill and are not yet aware of potential health risks that may be associated with some tasks.

Shop classes offer similar risks, where the heat of a welding torch signals the need for immediate caution, but the longer-term risks of breathing welding fumes are not obvious.

The challenge of providing a safe environment for students is made more rigorous by the need to control costs.

From gritty to sterile, the thoughtful design philosophy reflected in Sentry Air products creates cost-effective air purifiers for a wide range of workplaces, including educational facilities.

This blog discusses two product features, the ability to simultaneously serve more than one student and portability.

Multi-operator solution

The modular design of our powerful air purifiers allows us to configure systems that remove harmful particles and fumes from the breathing zones of one to four operator simultaneously.

Examples are provided in the following photos.

Sentry Air portable fume extractors for one, two or four operators.

Like the Model 400/450 shown above, we offer smaller models of multi-operator air purification units.

Sentry Air Model 300 Floor Sentry Double serving two workstations.

Pictured above is our Model 300 Portable Sentry Double removing fumes from two work stations simultaneously.

Sentry Air Model 450 welding fume extractor serving two welders at the same time.

Above, self-supportive flex arms of a larger Model 450 Portable Sentry Double provide equal suction at both inlets and protect two welders.

These units use ductless technology, which can have a positive effect on energy consumption, installation and maintenance costs.


Contaminated air is passed through the main filter and the majority of contaminants are captured. Main filter options include:

 HEPA Filter [up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger]
 ASHRAE Filter [up to 95% efficient on particles 0.5 microns and larger]
 ULPA Filter [up to 99.9995% efficient on particles 0.12 microns and larger]
 Activated Carbon Filter [efficiency rate varies with the chemical being extracted]

[How big is a micron? Check out our particle size chart.]


Portability: go where the need is

Ductless air purification technology is not tied to a single location because that’s where the ventilation is located.

You can roll our units to precisely where the tasks are being performed.

Heavy-duty, locking casters make our fume extractors the perfect solution for applications that require a respiratory protection AND maneuverability.

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 Sentry Air Systems is proud to offer academic pricing to those working in higher education.