Trying to fit 26 hours into a 24-hour day? Consider a Quick Change Pre-Filter.

When multiple projects are happening at once and deadlines are approaching, the last thing you want to do is stop the flow of production to change the pre-filters on your air purification systems.

If you need a fast and easy solution, consider upgrading your unit with a Sentry Air Systems (SAS) Quick Change Pre-Filter (QCPF).

A QCPF is an optional accessory that allows simple and direct access to the pre-filter chamber; making it five times faster to change pre-filters than on a standard unit*.

The Importance of Pre-Filters

At SAS we offer three main types of pre-filters:

Filter Type
MERV Rating
MERV 11 11
Pre-Filter Pad (PFP) 8
Carbon Pre-Filter Pad (CFP) 7

When changed regularly, pre-filters protect and extend the life of the main filter by capturing large particulates.

Pre-filter pads are especially useful for welding, grinding, powder filling, spraying, and heavy particulate applications.

For moderate to heavy users, a pre-filter pad may need to be changed as often as once a week depending on hours of usage. SAS Technical Sales Representatives are able to assist with appropriate preventative maintenance schedules.

Changing a Pre-Filter

Pre-filters are very important to the overall functionality and longevity of a Sentry air purifier.

But in a high-production facility, replacing them may feel time-consuming even if only 10 minutes are required.

Close up of the Quick Change Pre-Filter shown on a Model 300 air cleaner.

Low Cost Upgrade. High Value Results.

Priced at $136 the QCPF makes changing a pre-filter five times faster than on a standard unit*, and eliminates the hassle of removing and re-inserting the main filters.

A QCPF is available on any Sentry Model 300, 400/450 and includes two clamps, a cover and pre-filter chassis insert, which can either come installed on a new unit or a user can retro-fit it to an existing unit.

By opening the clamps and removing the cover the user is able to bypass the main filters and gain direct access to the pre-filter — resulting in less hassle, easy maintenance and greater efficiency.

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*Based on internal testing