Air Purification & Fume Extraction for Museums

Numerous museums across the United States have invested in fume extraction and air purification systems for various processes performed within their facilities.

A typical application found in museums that requires fume extraction is preservation work. While cleaning artifacts and museum displays, solvent-use is very typical; this includes Acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Isopropyl Alcohol, and more. Paint touch-ups on museum pieces is also fairly common. Under these circumstances, fume extraction is utilized to pull harmful fumes away from the operator’s respiratory zone. Two popular systems for these purposes are Sentry Air’s Portable Floor Sentry and Ductless Fume Hoods. The Portable Floor Sentry is a mobile, source-capture fume extractor that features a self-supportive flex hose, lightweight design, small footprint, and activated carbon filtration media. Various specialty filter media is also available varying by application type. Another method of containment and extraction is to work within a Ductless Fume Hood. This type of fume extraction provides total containment for the operator. Sentry Air Systems offers many different sizes of ductless containment hoods depending on your specific requirements and application.

Pictured above is the Model SS-300-PFS Portable Floor Sentry
Pictured above is the Model SS-340-DCH Ductless Fume Hood

An additional preservation application that benefits from air purification is the conservation of old documents. Air purification units equipped with HEPA filtration have been used by curators to preserve documents; they have utilized both positive and negative pressure systems. Positive pressure systems consistently blow HEPA-filtered air onto the documents, which keeps contaminants like mold spores off of the artifacts. An example of a positive-pressure system is Sentry Air’s 40″ Wide Portable Clean Room Hood. Negative-pressure systems are quite often used when the operator wants to be protected from hazardous particulate or mold spores that are present or could be released from old documents. An example of negative pressure fume extraction are Sentry Air’s Ductless Fume Hoods, mentioned previously.

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