High school orders multiple solder fume extractors for technology classroom

ss-100-sbu3Students who learn how to solder will be able to build the electronic devices they design in STEM labs and maker spaces.

The Model 100 solder fume extractors are a good choice for educational facilities because they effectively and quietly capture harmful solder fumes at a cost-effective price.

At the destination school, the students will do light soldering work in a high school technology class. Most the most part, they will use lead-free solder and rosin core flux.

Hazards, even if no lead

Using lead-free solder is a good safety step.

However, soldering fumes of any type can be potential health problems due to rosin ingredients and component type.

This work practices document from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory does an excellent job of identifying some soldering by-products and explains how they are created.

Thicker filters, more pleats

If you’ve been comparing solder fume extractors, you will note that our units are somewhat beefier than many others. That’s because our thicker, pleated filters have more surface area, an important aspect of how filters work.

Excerpt from an infographic that compres Sentry Air solders fume extractors to other fume extractors.

This graphic excerpt shows the smaller filters of many other solder fume extractors. The complete infographic shows how this comparison was developed.

When we asked industrial hygienists and a third-party lab to measure the effectiveness of our Model 100 compared to a Weller Smoke Absorber, they found 95.3% removal of particulate by the Solder Sentry and only 11.1% removal of particulate by the Weller Smoke Absorber.

You can read their whole report here.

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