Industrial Hygiene Report: Control of Glycol Ether Solvent Fumes Using Activated Carbon Filter Media

Sentry Air Systems sought to test the efficiency of our activated carbon filters against Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether (EGBE) fume.

What is EGBE?

EGBE – which is commonly found in carburetor cleaning applications – poses significant health risks to those with acute and chronic inhalation exposure. Side effects include pulmonary edema, liver and kidney damage, and adverse neurological and blood effects. While the EPA has not classified glycol ethers for carcinogenicity, researchers continue to investigate tumorous liver activity that may be linked to metabolites of certain glycol ethers.

Activated Carbon Filter Efficiency Test

For this test we used a Sentry Air Systems 30-inch wide Ductless Containment Hood [SS-330-DCH] equipped with a carbon pre-filter pad and 10 lb. activated carbon filter.

SS-330-DCH: Test set-up

To generate EGBE vapor, a small engine part was submerged in a constant temperature bath containing 3 liters of Chem-Dip® Carburetor and Parts Cleaner solution for more than two hours.

To ensure a detectable vapor load, the cleaning bath was not covered with the stainless steel lid for the experimental time period. The bath was warmed to 40 degrees Celsius and the basket liner was occasionally agitated to simulate conventional parts cleaning.


SS-330-DCH: Inside the hood showing test materials and sampling pumps.

Test Results

Test results indicate a 99% efficiency rating of the air cleaner against EGBE fume.

*For this test, a 30-inch wide Ductless Containment Hood with Carbon Pre-Filter Pad and 10 lb. Activated Carbon Filter was used. Efficiency was determined by comparing the inlet and outlet samples taken on the air cleaner. Results were based upon the testing conditions present, actual results may vary.

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