Filter Media: HEPA Filters

HEPA Filters: High Efficiency Particulate Air

Sentry Air Systems is proud to manufacture high quality HEPA filters for the various units we manufacture.

These filters are built under stringent quality controls measures, and are tested to meet HEPA filter efficiencies rated at 99.97% efficient on particles .3 microns and larger.

Unlike some competitors in the industry, Sentry Air prides itself on research and development prior to manufacturing HEPA filters. All HEPA filters are built in-house in the United States at the Houston area factory.

According to sales manager Omar Ilsever, many competitors outsource the manufacture of filters to companies that do not have a solid understanding of the equipment they’ll go into or the end users’ filtration needs.

Ilsever says Sentry Air Systems filters are superior as they are specifically built and tested for Sentry’s lines of fume extractors and ductless fume hoods.

We are proud to report that as of publishing this article, no HEPA filters have been recalled or have malfunctioned in the field. This is largely due to the extensive testing and quality assurance program that Sentry Air has in place for filter media development and manufacture.

HEPA filters are used in various applications including: soldering, welding, pharmaceutical, particulate extraction, and clean room applications. The filters are specifically designed to work with Sentry Air Systems air purification systems. If you have an air quality concern and would like more information on HEPA filters please contact Sentry Air Systems to speak with a qualified applications engineer. Sentry Air Systems offers a wide variety of units that can be utilized with HEPA filtration media.

For more information on HEPA filters from Sentry Air Systems please click here, or call Sentry Air Systems directly at 1-800-799-4609.