SS-160-PEA4 Wall-mounted powered exhaust arm

Wall Mounted Powered Exhaust Arm

In July of 2010, this extractor was newest edition to the Sentry Air Systems product line, a the wall mounted powered exhaust arm (SS-160-PEA4).

This member to Sentry Air System’s fume extractor line includes many benefits for welding applications that require a wall mounted extraction system.

Because the exhaust arm has no consumable filters, it is perfect for heavy welding applications where frequent filter change out would be required.

It connects directly to an existing duct system, circumventing any need for frequent and expensive filter replacement.

This feature alone reduces operating costs.

Additionally, the unit is very easy to set up and mount and can be configured in four different formats (as shown in the video below).

The included swivel assembly makes it moving the arm from one part of the table to another effortless.

The model 160 Exhaust Arm also offers an easy to maneuver, operator friendly, self-supportive flex arm.

The fan is very efficient and requires a very modest power draw (less than 1 amp), but at the same time maintains 160CFM of airflow.

It’s remote mounted variable speed control makes the unit very accessible to the operator.

The SS-160-PEA4 offers an ideal setup for applications in which space saving is a priority.

The Exhaust Arm is also the perfect solution for those who need an extraction system at a welding table.

With its unique features and its ease of use the 160 Exhaust Arm offers an effective and economic solution for many industrial applications.


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