Chemical fume featured application: mercury gas removal

Product application: mercury adsorption

Sentry Air offers an array of equipment for the removal of variety of chemicals, including acid gases, amines, solvents and hydrocarbons.

This equipment, which includes chemical fume hoods, solvent fume extractors, and ductless fume hoods, works by scrubbing and removing chemical vapors, pungent odors, and noxious gases from the work environment.

The scrubbing in these solvent fume extractors and chemical fume hoods work at nearly a 98% efficiency for some chemicals and is accomplished by the use of various carbon filter cartridges.

Specially treated

Typically, activated carbon filters are effective for the removal of standard chemical fumes, such as hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones and esters.

But sometimes specially formulated carbon is needed for the removal of acid gas, formaldehyde, and ammonia and amines.

These specialty carbon filters have been impregnated with a special blend of chemicals to make them extremely efficient at absorbing or neutralizing the target chemicals.

Activated carbon

All our carbon filters are made of the the highest grade of activated carbon charcol available.

They come in 5 different weights; 2.5 lb, 4 lb, 8 lb, 10 lb, and 22 lb.

The efficiency of activated carbon can vary widely by chemical (with the standard activated carbon generally holding up to 33% of its weight).

We’ve posted data on the effectiveness of carbon on our website.

Activated carbon. 

Mercury gas solution

There are a few gases that neither the activated carbon, or specially formulated carbon can handle.

They include CO2, CO, H2, propane, butane, and other light chemical gases.

Mercury gas is traditionally included in this group.

However, due to increasing requests for mercury gas filtration, a Sentry Air team of engineers and chemical exports researched to find a solution for this chemical fume application.

After reviewing the team’s findings and ironing out the details, Sentry Air now proudly offers a filter solution for mercury gas applications.

This solution works much the same as other chemical fume extraction solutions.

Hazardous vapors are drawn into the fan/filter chassis where it undergoes dual stage filter scrubbing. The air then passing out of the unit is chemical free.

Good results in the field

This filter has already been used with excellent results in the field.

Typical applications for mercury gas that require filtering include gold and silver refining, gold and silver mining, catalysts and pigments, dental amalgams, laboratory reagents, photography, soldering, and alkali-chlorine production.

Mercury is a toxic chemical and can be easily absorbed through the skin or ingested; its vapors are also highly toxic.

Use all precautions when dealing with this chemical. Mercury filter data is available upon request from Sentry Air Systems.

Model SS-212-DCH is a 12-inch wide Ductless Fume Hood.

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