Three-part Series: Compounding Pharmacy Respiratory Safety Regulations

Respiratory Safety & Product Protection in Compounding Pharmacies

In order to better serve the compounding pharmacy community, Sentry Air Systems evaluates airflow and filtration requirements provided by specific state legislation. We measure the performance of our Ductless Hood Lines (including Powder Containment Hoods and Laminar Flow Clean Room Hoods) to ensure that they meet or exceed these standards.

Oklahoma Pharmacy Law

Recently, we reviewed the pharmacy law of the state of Oklahoma. Our goal is to inform compounding pharmacists in this state which respiratory and product safety standards are in place and which of our products meet or exceed these standards.

Because this legislation frequently cites established national and international standards, there can be recurrent regulation overlap from state to state. For instance, Californiaand New Jerseylegislation requires much of the same standards as Oklahoma Pharmacy Law. As you read this three-part series of blog entries, you’ll find that many of the airflow and filtration standards that our Ductless Hoods meet under Oklahoma Pharmacy Law may also apply under other state pharmacy laws.

The Three-Part Series

The first article in the series discusses the generic qualities of air flow within cabinets and hoods noted in the law book. It also identifies some of the organizations that establish performance standards for respiratory safety equipment such as cabinets, hoods and isolators.

In the second article, we address airflow in the respiratory safety equipment specified for compounding pharmacies in the Oklahoma Pharmacy Law Book in order to explain the standards cited and relate them to our Ductless Containment Hood product line.

The third article and final post in this series discusses the law book’s equipment specifications for compounding sterile products and relates them to Sentry Air Systems Portable Clean Rooms and Laminar Flow Hoods.

NOTE: Cabinets, clean rooms, hoods, and isolators have varied functionality and have differing roles in the compounding pharmacy. See your state’s pharmacy laws for guidance on the role these devices play in your practice. Click here for links to the pharmacy boards listed on the National Association of Pharmacy Boards (NAPB) site.

Sentry Air Systems provides this information as a customer service. If you have air quality concerns or questions pertaining to specific laws and regulations, contact an industrial hygienist or your state’s pharmacy board.