Product Spotlight: Custom Downdraft Tables

Sentry Air Systems will be offering custom Downdraft tables as part of our product line. These well-built stainless steel enclosures are equipped with our Model 400 air cleaner that comes with HEPA, ASHRAE, or activated carbon filtration. Customers can specify size requirements for the benches.

These workstations are designed to capture fumes, dust, and smoke at the surface creating a safe working environment for operators. The downdraft tables have negative pressure, which pulls the dirty air into an air cleaner which then uses modern filtration to clean the pollutants and re-circulate clean air back into the workspace. These systems are designed to eliminate costly exhaust systems, reduce energy losses, and aid in employee protection by capturing the pollutants at the source. Typical applications include: solvent vapor control, solder fumes, light grinding, brazing, and a variety of other industrial applications.

Please call our application specialists today at 800.799.4609 to discuss building a custom downdraft bench for your needs. Click here to request information or a quote.