Custom Canopy Fume Hood for Organic Vapor Control

The users of this canopy-style fume hood initially approached us with an interest in our Ductless Fume Hood series. They wanted a contained area in their workspace to control organic vapors and fumes. We quickly realized that our standard line of Ductless Fume Hoods [available from 12″-70″ wide] would not easily accommodate their process because of space and air volume requirements.

One of our Applications Specialists consulted with our Engineering Design Team to create a custom design that would suit the user’s requirements.

This customized Canopy Fume Hood is 156″ Wide with a depth of 60″. It is constructed of aluminum with a steel tubing frame to affix it to the floor. Clear, anti-static vinyl strip curtains are attached to the front, back and sides of the hood.

This canopy hood is with equipped with four Sentry Air Model 400 Air Cleaners. The powerful suction of these units provides a negative-pressure working environment that is designed to quickly pull hazardous airborne contaminants and fume into the filtration system. Each unit is capable of up to 700 CFM of air volume and can house multiple filter combinations [filter options include HEPA, ASHRAE, ULPA, Activated Carbon, and Specialty-Blended Filter Media]. Each Air Cleaner has an individual remote variable speed controller. This recirculating system does not require any exterior ducting or costly replacement air to make up for lost heated or cooled air that is typically displaced by exterior-ducting systems.

This configuration is not intended for very heavy volumes of volatile organics or potentially flammable or explosive applications. You may want to consider an exterior-ducting exhaust system for applications of this nature.

Sentry Air Systems has designed and manufactured Custom Fume Hoods for a variety of applications and working environments. For more information, you can view our Custom Hood Gallery, Custom Hood Informational Page, call us at 1.800.799.4609, email us at, or fill out this form to receive additional information from an Applications Specialist.