Mid-size, Commercial Free Hanging Air Cleaner

Model 700 Free-Hanging Ambient Room Air Cleaner

Improving indoor air quality is a vital step towards creating a workplace that is safe and healthy for both employees and customers.

Many large, oversized work areas utilize expensive commercial-sized air filtration equipment to clean the air. Likewise, small office spaces and home users utilize smaller, more portable air cleaners.

Where does that leave the mid-size users like restaurants, event halls, community facilities, cafeterias, R&D laboratories and other venues of similar size? Ductwork and high volume filtration units are costly and sometimes unfeasible for these types of environments.

That is why SAS developed the Model 700; a mid-size ductless unit with multiple filtration and mounting options perfect for a variety of mid-size environments and applications including laboratories, solvent fume control, pharmacy pill dust, secondary room air cleaner, and general purpose air cleaning for restaurants, event halls, offices, community buildings, cafeterias and much more.

The Model 700 utilizes up to 770 CFM to pull contaminated ambient air through its filter chamber before recirculating filtered air back into the work area.

A MERV 7 carbon pre-filter pad works to scrub larger particles before they enter into the main filter chamber. Main filter options include a HEPA particulate filter [up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger], a 95% ASHRAE particulate filter [up to 95% efficient on particles 0.5 microns and larger] and an 8 lb refillable activated granular carbon filter for odor control [Two, 8 lb carbon filters can be used totaling 16 lbs of carbon]. Finally, any remaining particles are adsorbed into the MERV 7 carbon post-filter before the air is released back into the room. Specialty carbon blends like Acid Gas, Aldehyde Carbon and Ammonia Carbon are also available.

When applications require both fume and odor control, you can use both a particulate and carbon filter. For more information on the various adsorptive ratings of our carbon filters, visit the Test Data tab on our website.

The Model 700 is uniquely designed for multiple mounting configurations.

One popular option is to suspend the unit from the ceiling (free-hanging), taking up zero floor space. Another option is to mount the unit directly to a wall which works well in spaces with tall ceilings.

For areas that need an air cleaner in the center of the room, consider mounting the unit to our fume extractor stand. This keeps the unit up and off of the floor so operators can continue to work underneath.

Note: SAS does not provide hardware for mounting the unit directly to a wall, suspending the unit from the ceiling or mounting the stand to the floor.    

If you are looking to improve the ambient air quality of your work environment, or simply wanting to polish the air you breathe, talk to Sentry Air and learn how you can get a Model 700 Ambient Room Air Cleaner.

View this unit’s airflow pattern in this video on our YouTube channel.

Here is a snapshot, comparing the new Model 700 to our existing Model 2000 Industrial Air Cleaner and a similar competing air cleaner.

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