Solder fume extractor for Canadian university students building a solar-powered car

McMaster University, ranked among the world’s top universities, takes pride in its student-centric, problem-oriented approach to learning.

It seems natural, then, that a McMaster student should contact us to get a problem solved.

Student reaches out

Michael Bot, a McMaster student and a design intern at Flextronics, noticed that his employer used Sentry Air soldering fume extractors.

Mike knew a lot of soldering was on the horizon for the solar car team at McMaster University.

They were building a new car, the Spitfire, the fifth solar car the team has developed.

The new car’s control system and the connectors to the battery pack would require soldering.

Breathing solder fumes is not healthy, so Mike shot us an email.

Floor Sentry for soldering fume extraction

We sent the solar car team a Floor Sentry Model # SS-200-FS Portable Fume Extractor.

The unit’s flexible hose pulls soldering fumes into a HEPA filter, which is up to 99.97% effective at capturing particles 0.3 microns and larger before they disperse into the broader work area.

When necessary, additional filter types can be added to control chemical and acid gas fumes.

The lightweight Floor Sentry is easily moved to wherever it’s needed in the shop. On the floor it frees up valuable work space on the bench.

Not our first Canadian university

We’re happy to support McMaster University’s solar car team. We wish them sunny days at their 2014 competitions, especially on the Formula 1 track in Austin,Texas.

We’re equally happy to report that our air purifiers are used in universities and colleges throughout Canada.

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