Coconuts to carbon: Houston Mini Maker Faire, November 1, 2014

houston_graphicOur contest for the maker faire this weekend asks participants to estimate how many football fields of chemical molecules can fit into xx grams of activated carbon.

The winner receives a one-year Children’s Museum of Houston membership.


What’s with the coconuts?

Coconut shell is an excellent feedstock for making carbon because it doesn’t crumble easily, so handling it doesn’t create a lot of dust.

Also, as filtration media, it can readily be customized to trap specific substances, such as acid gas. Interestingly enough, acid gas filtration is used by brewers.

AND sometimes it’s just fun to celebrate the coconut, as we did last year in August.


Sentry Air celebrates coconut week.

 Day 1: We Celebrated Coconut Week

“For those of us not involved in the coconut industry, there are new words and processes to discover.”

“For example, there’s coir [‘koi(-e)r], the fibrous material between the coconut’s hard internal shell and its outer coat, which may be exposed to a process called retting before it is made into products such as ropes, mattresses, upholstery padding, even brushes.”

Day 2: Why coconut shells are good for filtration

“The coconut palm is unique in that virtually every part can be used by humans in some manner.”

Day 3: Our friendly chemist, Ben, explains how we customize coconut shell carbon filters

“In this video, Ben explains how coconut shell carbon is made, why we use it exclusively, and how we customize it to meet very specific needs for our customers.”

Day 4: Coconut shell carbon filtration solves customers’ problems

Contains links to 6 customer testimonials about the positive impact of carbon filtration on their specific situations.

Day 5: National Coconut Week – A visual celebration of coconuts

Contains links to our Pinterest page and our coconut week graphics.

Come to the faire! Enter our contest! Have fun!

Get in touch with your inner passion to learn / create / design / build / make.

Come to the Houston Mini Maker Faire, Saturday, November 1, 2014 at Stafford Center.