Day 2: National Coconut Week – Why coconut shells are good for filtration

The coconut palm is unique in that virtually every part can be used by humans in some manner.

It’s truly amazing the variety of products and uses that derive from the coconut palm.

Why coconut shells are good for filtration

Whether you put it in litter boxes to remove odors or run water through it to remove impurities, most people have used carbon as a filtration media.

Coconut shells are a fantastic feed stock for activated carbon.

The material of the shell is light, porous and extremely durable which are highly sought after characteristics when selecting feed stock.

Coconuts are also ideal because of their abundance, with an average of 61 million tons being cultivated globally each year.

Hear what Ben Davis, our in-house chemical engineer, says about the benefits of using coconut shells.

Stayed Tuned…

In tomorrow’s blog we will detail how coconut shells turn into activated carbon and how Sentry Air Systems uses activated carbon media in our filters.

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