Day 4: Coconut shell carbon filtration solves customers’ problems

Our week-long celebration of the coconut is an occasion to blog and tweet about the positive impact of carbon filtration on the workspaces of our customers.

Here are six testimonials about the power of charcoal filters to remove smells and chemical fumes:

Now, with the Sentry carbon filters there is no smell at all. IceAlert, Inc.

…it is difficult to smell any trace of chemical in our laminating room … – Bulow Biotech Prosthetics

removed the volatiles from our working environment. I cannot speak strongly enough of what this has done for the safety of our people….Simplers Botanical

…my husband does not mind me working on my glass projects in our home because the chemical smell is no longer there. Heather, stained glass artist

Before using the Sentry Air System our entire lower floor had a musty, moldy smell that no deodorant could mask.  – Chris Carsten

Sentry Air’s fume extractor sucks the fumes into its filtration system and does a great job. – Steve Tcherkezian, Nouveau Hair Gallery

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