Houston mini maker faire not so mini this year

A Sentry Air solder fume extractor is presented to the Innovation Lab at Freeman Library in Houston.

L-R: Nickolas, wearing 3D printed bear head, part of a complete 3D printed costume; Mike Hinkle of Techno-Chaos makerspace, Patrick Ferrell, Innovation Lab Assistant at Freeman Library, and Jim Johnson, Freeman Library branch librarian


The 2015 Houston Mini Maker Faire was a fine occasion to acknowledge the special relationship maker spaces have with one another.

Nickolas drew upon the expertise of both Techno-Chaos and Freeman Library’s Innovation Lab in order to figure out how to print his costume.

For Mike, the occasion was a chance to provide a Sentry Air solder fume extractor to the Innovation Lab.

For Patrick, it means he’ll be able to provide fume extraction for one of the library’s most popular classes, soldering.

For Sentry Air, the faire was an opportunity to see old friends like Brent from the Children’s Museum of Houston and expand our appreciation for the growth of the faire.

The new venue was terrific and we’re looking forward to next year’s faire!



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