Marketeer’s dream story elusive: fume extractor comes to the rescue, saves relationship

Marketing communication writers know certain types of stories draw more readers than others.

Stories about love relationships fall into that category, as do cat pictures.

This blog is a two-fer.

An undocumented customer story often told at Sentry Air is the one about the guy who lived in an apartment with his cat.

The guy met a girl and they liked everything about one another except she didn’t like the odor coming from the cat’s litter box.

So the guy hacked the litter box and inserted one of our air purifiers with an activated carbon filter into the box’s cover.

Relationship saved.

Elusive story

Alas, the customer’s name can not be recalled, crushing the dreams of marketing communication professionals everywhere.

And Sentry Air is not in the litter box business.

But that doesn’t stop us from wishing a belated National Cat Day [October 29] to everyone.

Parker, Tai and Peyton are real cats who reside with real Sentry Air employees.