Day 1: Sentry Air Celebrates Coconut Week


In some parts of the world, the manufacture and export of products made from coconut plants has been a major industry for centuries.

Just about all parts of the coconut are used as food, fuel, oils, cosmetics, as well as a variety of industrial and household products.

National Coconut Week may be specific to The Philippines, but we wouldn’t mind if it were a worldwide festival, that’s how impressive the coconut plant is.

For those of us not involved in the coconut industry, there are new words and processes to discover.

For example, there’s coir [‘koi(-e)r], the fibrous material between the coconut’s hard internal shell and its outer coat, which may be exposed to a process called retting before it is made into products such as ropes, mattresses, upholstery padding, even brushes.

Sentry Air’s favorite coconut product

Charcoal made from coconut shells is the main ingredient in our charcoal filters and is why we celebrate coconut week.

Coconut carbon is very hard and very porous. It helps solve problems for our customers every day.

When used as filtration media, it adsorbs smelly and hazardous chemicals, removing them from the workplace environment.

What’s more, the carbon filters can be customized to trap specific chemicals.

For example, if customers use ammonia in their lab, they can configure our Ductless Fume Hoods with a carbon filter treated with a chemical that adsorbs ammonia.

Celebrate the coconut

This week, our topic under discussion will be the virtues of coconuts, coconut carbon, and coconut carbon filtration:

Why coconuts shells are good for filtration

Sentry Air’s chemist explains why we use coconut shell carbon

Carbon filtration solves customers’ problems

Coconut graphics round-up on Pinterest

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