Applying for the latest TAACCCT grants to expand your industrial and technical training facilities?

As an American manufacturer, we use the talents of skilled workers every day of the work week.

We understand the need to train students for jobs that are available now and in the future.

But three areas of regulation have the potential to interrupt the growth of technical training programs if they are not included in your planning.

We speak as providers of workplace air purifiers for a broad range of industries.

Construction workers mixing cement.Silica in the construction industry

OSHA is considering new, stricter silica exposure limits in construction jobs because crystalline silica is a carcinogen.

OSHA says workspace exposure to silica often occurs during sandblasting, cement cutting and demolition operations.

In addition, work site explosure to silica can occur while doing masonry work, granite cutting, and concrete mixing.

Formaldehyde in carpentry products

EPA is constructing rules concerning the permissable amount of formaldehyde fumes that can be released from wood products.

The rules have the potential to affect any learning activity involving plywood and other engineered wood products, including furniture-making and millwork.

Hex chrome produced by welding

Welding stainless steel creates hex chrome, a carcinogen created when high temperatures are applied to chromium, a component of stainless steel.

Students learning to weld on stainless need lung protection.

Sentry Air welding fume extractors at Anthem College.

A welding classroom equipped with Sentry Air wall-mounted fume extractors. The flexible arms feature magnetic fume capture hoods.

Educational facility managers

For facility managers adapting built space to expand classes, our air purifiers can be suspended from ceilings, attached to walls, or rolled around on casters. They do not require expensive ductwork that restrict their location.

You can see how other facility managers have used both portable and installed air purifiers to create safer workspaces for students in this presentation about five technical training schools.

Additional information

We’re not experts on grant applications.

But it has occurred to us that a nod to student lung protection might strengthen a TAACCCT application because the companies that will employ your students order air purifiers from us every day.

Our blog contains dozens of stories about our customers and how they use our products in heavy industrial situations, science labs, medical offices and maker spaces.

Our web site describes the range of air purifiers we offer and lists their physical properties.

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