Make our applications specialists chatty: talk with them about your welding fume extraction application

Graphic that describe Sentry AIr's application specialists talking about welding fumes.Welding is fundamental to industrial and manufacturing activities and has been for over a century.

It boggles the mind to think a lot of discussion is required to choose a fume extractor.

And yet…

When you talk with our applications specialists about fume extraction for your welding operation, they have quite a few questions for you.

Some examples:

 “MIG, TIG, stick or plasma?”

“How often do you change spools?”

“How much arc time per day? Per week?”

“Are other workers in the same area? What are they doing?”

So what’s with all the questions?

Welder in American flag helmet using a Sentry Air welding fume extractorWelding fume extraction is a matter of workplace health and safety.

Getting it right is important to us and to you.

We sincerely want to match appropriate fume extraction to your welding work as you do it in your facility.


Some technical implications of our questions

As you know, MIG and TIG both utilize shielding gases to protect the weld area and prevent deformations in the bead. Some shielding gases are heavier than air, others are lighter than air.

For it to be effective, you want the shielding gas to travel where it is directed by the welding gun.

Variable speed control on a Sentry Air welding fume extractor.

The dark knob is a variable speed controller on a Model 300 Welding Fume Extractor, which provides air volume flexibility from 50 to 350 CFM to meet the peculiarities of your work environment.

That’s why you want a fume extractor with adjustable control – in small increments – of its air volume.

When set appropriately for your application, the right air volume helps your particular shielding gas do its job.

Adjustable air volume control also allows you to adapt to changing air patterns around you, like a co-worker’s purchase of a gigantic fan, or the unexpected addition of a new work process in your area.

Collectively, our line of welding fume extractors offers adjustable air volume of 50-1300 CFM.

Yeah, we understand it may be irritating

We get that when we ask you about your welding process and your work process and the people who work close to you and how your building is ventilated we may seem more than a little intrusive.

But identifying the most appropriate welding fume extractor for your application is the best service we can offer you.

Your lungs – and more questions

Blue-tinted image of human lungs.

Why do we ask how many times you change your wire spool? And the wire’s diameter? Is it flux core wire? And how much actual arc time do you have each day?

Let’s acknowledge that arc time is also smoke time.

Let’s further acknowledge that flux core wire adds smoke to an inherently smoky situation.

Let us also acknowledge that smoke is what your lungs don’t want you to inhale.

Further, flux fumes are often hazardous and may include aluminum, calcium, carbon, chromium, iron, and manganese, to name a few common ingredients.

Determining how many hours of each day are spent in welding smoke is a step toward determining the appropriate performance characteristics of your source-capture fume extractor.

Modular design is cost effective

Your lungs are offered protection by filter type, filter area and air volume. Together, they pull contaminants away from your nose and mouth and trap them before they can be inhaled.

Modular design of our welding fume extractors allows us to configure our units with the proper mix of particle filters, chemical filters, air volume, and extraction arms for your operation at a reasonable cost.

In addition to the portable fume extractors shown below, we offer wall-mounted and stand-mounted models. All Sentry Air models can be figured with varied types and sizes of extraction arms and filter types.

Three portable Sentry Air fume extractors for welders.

In addition to the portable fume extractors shown above, we offer wall-mounted and stand-mounted models. All Sentry Air welding models can be figured with varied types and sizes of extraction arms and filter types

Understand our inquisitive nature and give us a call

If you’re seeking welding fume extraction, call our applications specialists at 800.799.4609 or email them at

You’ll find they share your intense interest in getting the right solution for your welding operation.



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