SHSU has welders in ag class, and a TA who has welded since high school

SHSU ag technology TA welds with a Sentry Air Model 400 welding fume extractor pulling fumes away from her breathing zone.

You can see the inlet hood and flex arm of a Sentry Air Model 400 Welding Fume Extractor pulling fumes away from Rachel so she doesn’t inhale them.

Rachel Feinberg is teaching assistant to Dr. Doug Kingman, who runs a welding lab as part of the Agriculture Sciences program at Sam Houston State University.

She started welding when she was a student at Cypress Ridge high school in Houston.


We ‘discovered’ Rachel and Dr. Kingman via Today at Sam, a university newsletter read by two SHSU alums on our staff.

Dr Doug Kingman and Rachel Feinburg in the SHSU welding lab.

Dr. Doug Kingman and Rachel Feinberg, Sam Houston State University, Agriculture Sciences program.

TA changed atmosphere

Dr. Kingman said Rachel made it easier for other female students to enter a shop environment for the first time.

Rachel says female students may be a little more hesitant than male students, but when it comes to welding skills it’s a toss-up.

Like most university students, Rachel isn’t 100% certain what the future has in store for her.

She’s very active on campus and we especially like her interest in health and safety.

She said, “I’d like to go into some sort of safety program in the industry and work on training and human resources side of it.”

Our products promote health and safety in the workplace, so we salute her career goals.

Welding as a career

We love that Rachel welds and helps other young women learn to weld.

As a career, welding offers multiple opportunities and good pay. Check out the welding as a career info-graphic on our Pinterest board.

Everyone who welds

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