Welding fume extraction for facility managers

Sentry Air’s Model 500 Dual Stand Assembly, shown in the engineering drawing below, offers built-in flexibility to address the never-ending moves, changes and upgrades undertaken by facility managers.

Eight bolts and a power outlet

With eight floor bolts to mount the elevated stands where you want them and a power outlet, you can create two new welding stations in hours, not days.

Sentry Air's Model 500 Dual Stand Assembly, fume extraction for facility managers.

Configuration components: Model 500 Heavy-Duty Fume Extractor with cleanable particulate filters with a Dual Plenum, two Fume Extractor Stands, and two extractor arms, either 7 feet or 10 feet in length.

Model 500 Heavy-Duty Fume Extractor

The Model 500 is the hard-working engine of this dual stand configuration.

Its 1300 CFM air volume suctions up contaminated air and pushes it through Micro-Pleat Series 1 particulate filters to return clean air to the workplace.

Heavy-duty casters provide portability; roll it where you need it.


Protecting welders’ breathing zones shouldn’t mean lack of product flexibility.

A Dual Plenum that supports two extraction arms reflects the modular design philosophy that is fundamental to all our air purification solutions.

Drawing with dimensions of Sentry Air's Elevated Stand. Elevated Stands

Each carbon steel stand elevates and sites an extractor arm for maximum arm reach, which keeps use of valuable floor space to a minimum.

A third-party engineering firm conducted multiple structural tests of weight loads and bend radii to determine maximum operating levels. Results were optimal.

Extractor arm choices

The 10 ft. HD Extractor Arm directs contaminated air away from the welder before combustion-derived nanoparticles can be inhaled.

Multiple self-supporting joints and a 360-degree swivel provide respiratory protection for work pieces with hard to reach weld points.

A 7 ft. Hybrid Arm is also available.

This configuration supports two 10 ft arms or two 7 ft arms or a 10 ft arm and a 7 ft arm.

Cost-effective, cleanable filter media

Micro-Pleat Series 1 filters have an efficiency rating of 97% for containing hex chrome, a cancer-causing by-product of welding stainless steel.

Because the filters can be cleaned with pressurized air and returned to service, they are extremely cost-effective in high-volume operations.

Low energy costs

The Model 500 ships with standard 115/1/60 power.

Annual runtime cost (based on 8 hours/day, 5 days/week, 52 weeks/year at $0.14/kWh using 115V) = $358.32.

Divide by 2 and that’s a sustainable $179.16 per workstation per year.

Optional 220/1/50 power is available.

Exterior venting note re Sentry Air's Dual Stand Assembly.

Researchers predict 6% annual growth of welding, much of it in manufacturing.

With Sentry Air’s Model 500 Dual Stand Assembly, facility managers with safety and operational responsibilities can rapidly retrofit their built environment for new welding processes.

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