Welding students use wall-mounted fume extractors with magnetic capture hoods

A customer recently provided this photo of six Sentry Air wall-mounted fume extractors for use by welding students.

Each Sky Sentry [Model #SS-300-SKY] is a source-capture system with an expansive swivel radius to easily maneuver the flex hose to its desired location in the classroom.

Flame-retardant flexible fume capture hoses

Flexible Python hoses, like those shown in the photo, are available in lengths of 12’ and 25’. Our Python hoses are also available in 4” and 6” diameter options.

We’ve published a brief video that demonstrates the Python’s flame-retardant qualities on our website.

Magnetic capture hood

The capture hoods chosen by the welding school feature heavy-duty magnets that can be affixed to metal fixtures near the torch’s flame. Students can focus on their work while the unit removes hazardous fumes from their breathing zone.

The magnetic capture hood shown in the photo is equipped with an optional inlet grill to prevent objects from being sucked into the arm.

Wall-mounted welding fume extractors solve multiple problems

Our wall-mounted Sky Sentries can be spec’d with filters that capture both particles and chemical fumes, which helps to protect students from hazardous substances, including hex chrome.

Optional remote control aids classroom management.

In limited space environments, wall-mounted fume extractors free up valuable bench top and floor space.

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