Roundaire: Industrial fume extraction with more filter than cabinet, nice wheels

Model 300 Roundaire options include two types of particle filters, three types of carbon filtration, and two extraction arm options.

Three cool things about the Roundaire

First, the Sentry Air Model 300 Roundaire turns traditional fume extractor design inside-out by providing more filter area than cabinet.

So it’s light weight and easy to move to wherever it’s needed.

Second, in its standard configuration, Roundaire provides effective, portable, source-capture air filtration with a cleanable filter and low operating costs.

We figure annual operating run-time costs will be $66.80 — no kidding.

Third, filtration options for chemical applications provide an affordable degree of customization.

If you need standard Activated Carbon or Specialty Blend Activated Carbon, the Model 300 Roundaire reusable cartridge can be filled with either.

Re-cleanable filter is standard 

During cleaning, debris removed from the filter falls into an emptiable dust pan that slides out from the bottom of the unit.

The Micro-Pleat Series 2 Filter can be cleaned with pressurized air.

When the unit’s standard Magnehelic Gage shows an increase in inches of water measurement, you know it’s time to clean the filter.

Our stringent testing shows that that once cleaned, Micro-Pleat Series 2 Filters are restored to their original MERV 16 efficiency [up to 95% efficient for particles 0.3 microns and larger].


Filtration options

Installing the Carbon Blanket is quick, easy and requires no tools.

An optional HEPA particle filter is available for the Model 300 Roundaire.

While the HEPA filter is not cleanable, it has excellent efficiency: up to 99.97% efficient for 0.3 microns and larger.

If you’re concerned with capturing nuisance chemical odors as well as particles, wrap an 8-pound Carbon Blanket around the particle filter.


Customers clean the filters and keep on working

Here’s how we calculated annual run-time costs for the standard Roundaire configuration:

Because you will clean the Micro-Pleat Series 2 Filters rather than buy them as consumables, no filter costs are included in our calculation.

This assumption is borne out by our
experience with our other unit with
cleanable filters, the heavy-duty
Model 500 Fume Extractor
introduced about two years ago.
To date, no customer has ordered
a replacement filter for a Model 500.


Then we calculated energy costs, using these assumptions: 8 hours/day x 5 days/week x 52 weeks/year @14¢/kWh = $66.80. [You may pay more or less for each kWh.]

Protect your breathing zone, lower your operating costs.

You can see the Model 300 Roundaire in action on YouTube. Full product specs are on our website.

If you weld and grind or use solvents and chemicals, the Model 300 Roundaire captures risky substances before they can be inhaled or dispersed throughout the workplace.

To find out how the Model 300 Roundaire fits into your operations, give us a call at 1.800.799.4609, email us at, or fill out this online form to have a Sentry Air Systems Applications Specialist contact you to discuss your application.