Pre-Filter and Main Filter Media - HEPA and Activated Carbon

Pre-Filter and Main Filter Media

Sentry Air Systems offers a variety of filter media for use in our fume extraction systems. Our technical applications specialists work with you to determine the most appropriate filter combination for your application.

SAS filters are checked against stringent internal quality control measures, and are continually tested for efficiency against various particulate and chemicals found in the workplace.

Visit our Test Data page for complete Industrial Hygiene Reports on a variety of chemical fume and particles.

For best results, filters should be properly maintained and replaced. Replacement schedule is based upon application and amount of use.


Filter Type


Particulate Filters
Particle Size Chart
HEPA Filter Fire Test

High efficiency fiberglass media arrests particles, light dust, smoke and other airborne particulate within the filter.

Best for applications requiring fume control, light dust collection, bacteria-laden air reduction and other respirable particulate control. 

Activated Carbon Filters
Activated Carbon Absorption Ratings
Activated Carbon MSDS
Acid Gas MSDS
Aldehyde Carbon MSDS
Ammonia Carbon MSDS

Activated carbon granules containing a micro-porous internal structure, adsorb harmful chemical fume, noxious odors and volatile organic compounds.

Best for applications requiring odor and chemical fume filtration. Specialty carbon blends available. 

Cleanable Filters (Particulate)
Cleaning the Filter
Efficiency against Hexavalent Chromium

Micro-Pleat Series filter media has a MERV 16 efficiency rating and is manually cleaned by applying pressurized air to the exterior of the filter. Filter does not have to be removed during cleaning and excess waste falls into the internal dust pan for easy disposal. 

Best for high volume use applications where filter saturation may be more frequent.

Depending on the fume extraction system, filter stacking is available for applications requiring particle and odor control.

Filter Reminders
 Always follow local, state and federal regulations when disposing of filters and filter media.
 Do not dispose of spacer frames, pre-filter frames or tension frames.
 Dirty filters may be contaminated, use appropriate personal protective equipment such as protective eyewear,
hand protection and/or respirators.

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