Ducted Exhaust Hood

30" Wide Ducted Fume Hood

Model # SS-330-E

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High-Quality Materials & Design. Sentry Air’s 30” Wide Ducted Exhaust Hood may be an excellent choice for applications that require a compact, exterior-ducting fume hood. This benchtop unit features unique hinged folding side panels, a high-density polyethylene base, a clear polycarbonate top, and a polycarbonate hinged sloping front lid. It is extremely compact and light weight. Typically, exhaust hoods may be used in chemical laboratories– especially those evaporating large amounts of volatiles organics, chemicals with low odor thresholds, heavy powder and capsule filling, and a variety of other processes that require exterior fume exhaust.

The 30” Wide Ducted Exhaust Hood can be an effective and economical tool for air quality enhancement in many commercial, chemical, medical, laboratory, and industrial applications.

Customization Options. This Ducted Fume Hood allows for several custom features:

Material Options (e.g. metal, esd-safe, PVC)
Size Options (width, height, depth, access area dimensions)
Custom Cutouts (e.g. sink, machinery, microscopes)
Dual-Entry Configuration
Custom Illumination Options (e.g. Black Light)
Accessories for Hanging Equipment

This unit includes a 6" Exhaust Collar and does not include ducting or fan. Ask Sentry Air Systems Applications Specialists for assistance in selecting a suitable fan. To view fume hoods that include a fan and filtration media, visit our Ductless Fume Hood page.

Hood Dimensions:
O.D.: 24"D x 32"W x 25"H
I.D.: 23.5"D x 30"W x 24"H
Hood Material:
Sides: .250" White Acrylic
Base: .500" White High Density Polyethylene
Top: .500" Clear Polycarbonate
Front: .250" Clear Polycarbonate
Total Weight:
Approx. 50 lbs.
Exhaust Connection:
6" OD Outlet Collar (ducting and fan excluded)
Limited two-year warranty from date of shipment on defects due to materials or workmanship.
Max Operating Temperature:
Not to exceed 170 degrees Fahrenheit

All specifications are nominal and subject to change without notice. Not intended for explosive or highly flammable applications. (i.e. when the Lower Flammability Limit is exceeded for any given chemical). Please consult the specific MSDS for questions regarding flammability limits. The end user is ultimately responsible for conforming to all applicable exhaust ventilation regulations. Consult local, state and federal agencies regarding the suitability of your application prior to venting fumes to the environment. It is your ultimate responsibility to ensure the safety and suitability of your application. For more information, contact a local safety professional (certified industrial hygienist) for conformance and suitability.


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