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Benchtop Fume Extractor

Benchtop Fume Extractors manufactured by Sentry Air Systems can be beneficial to your place of business by efficiently removing harmful fumes and enhancing air quality in work environments in many industrial applications. These durable, easy-to-operate systems utilize a filtration system that effectively removes hazardous particles from the air, improving the air space for the operator. Our line of Benchtop Fume Extractors vary in configurations and air volume capability to fit the unique needs of your work space.

Benchtop Fume Extractor

Table Sentry

The Table Sentry is a compact fume extractor built specifically for stationary, benchtop operations where airborne fumes need to be captured and filtered at the work surface level. This unit offers an effective, quiet, and economical solution for a variety of applications, including soldering, solvent and epoxy fumes, and laser fumes. An optional adjustable height stand is available and is highly efficient for elevated operations. The Model 300 Table Sentry is available with a 1” or 4” source capture slot at the base of the unit and comes equipped with a variable speed controller. An optional source-capture flex-hose can attach to the slot for optimal unit placement and fume capture.

Benchtop Fume Extractor

Winged Sentry

The Winged Sentry is a compact benchtop air filtration system that provides a highly energy-efficient, quiet and economical solution to many fume extraction needs. It features adjustable "wing flaps" to assist in directing fumes towards the unit's inlet and into the filter chamber. The operator can place these wings in the most effective position for their particular application, or they can be positioned flat against the sides of the unit to conserve space.

Appropriate filtration media is installed in the Winged Sentry based on the application being performed by the operator. HEPA [up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger], ASHRAE [up to 95% efficient on particles 0.5 microns and larger], Activated Carbon, and specialty-blended media [i.e. Acid Gas, Mercury, Aldehyde, Ammonia] are the most common filters for this unit.

Benchtop Fume Extractor

Solder Pot Fume Extractors

The Solder Pot Fume Extractor is designed to capture and purify smoke and particulate emitted during slightly elevated soldering applications, such as solder pot use. This benchtop unit features a small footprint, energy-efficiency, and quiet operation designed for horizontal, work surface-level soldering applications where airborne solder fumes need to be captured at the source. The included height stand is adjustable up to 8.75”.

This recirculating fume extraction system utilizes high-quality filtration media that typically consists of either HEPA or ASHRAE filtration. Sentry Air’s HEPA filters are up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger, while ASHRAE filters are up to 95% efficient on particles 0.5 microns and larger. Both filters are uniquely constructed from flame-retardant materials.

What is a benchtop fume extractor?

A Benchtop Fume Extractor is a space-conscious air filtration system designed to protect the operator from breathing in harmful fumes and particulate created during a multitude of applications. Benchtop Fume Extractors are compact and engineered to quickly and effectively pull contaminants from the air and through the filtration system. Filter options include HEPA, ASHRAE, ULPA, Activated Carbon, and Specialty-Blended filters. These units are compact and durable, designed to be utilized in close proximity to the application being performed. Benchtop Fume Extractors are designed to sit atop a table or workbench and are adjustable to work for any space or application.