Positive Pressure Systems

Our modular line of portable, positive pressure systems is designed to reduce the amount of airborne contaminants in a given area by using powerful fans to pull ambient air through HEPA or ULPA filters into your work space. Our application specialists can assist you in selecting the appropriate size filter/fan unit for your specific space and ISO classification desired. The Sentry Air line of air cleaners can help convert just about any space into a “clean zone”.

For applications that require minimal dust accumulation, portable clean room environments or a direct source of positive air pressure, our units may be an excellent solution. These compact units are easy to operate and maintain and can be used in most settings, even remote locations where field work is required.

Our positive pressure systems come in a variety of configurations and sizes that easily conform to your unique application and their ductless technology requires no exhaust port which makes them an economical solution for virtually any commercial, medical, laboratory and industrial setting.