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Since 1983 thousands of companies have relied on Sentry Air Systems to provide “simple solutions for cleaner air.” Our customers come from a wide variety of applications, backgrounds, and professions, from welders and hobbyists to pharmacy technicians and veterinarians. It has always been our passion to provide an optimal experience and product that customers receive the maximum benefit from our air filtration products. Here are just a few testimonials from companies who have seen first-hand the benefits of using Sentry Air Systems products:


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Edker Industries, Inc.

Edker Industries, Inc. purchased a Model 400 Welding Fume Extractor for use when welding stainless steel.

"Last summer, OSHA placed an air sampling device on our employee while he was welding stainless steel. It was a relief when the results came back 'None Detected' for Chromium VI and Chromic acid. The fines from one incident would have probably been more than the cost of the Sentry Air filtration unit. Obviously it was money well spent. Not only from the savings on possible fines but also the appreciation from employees when they know we care enough about their health and safety to purchase top notch safety equipment."


Stemlogix is a regenerative medicine company committed to providing Veterinarians with the ability to deliver the most viable and potent stem cell therapy possible to dogs, cats and horses at the point-of-care.

"We are currently using the hoods [18" Wide Portable Clean Room Hoods] in Veterinary and Physician offices to separate stem cells from fat tissue. The doctors need something that is portable, light weight and requires minimal space. The Sentry Air Systems portable cleanroom hood allows us to ensure sterility of the samples we produce."

TestimonialsKristin | Stemlogix, LLC

Portable Clean Room

Xeit Optics

"My business is the design and assembly of ultra high quality XEIT brand anamorphic cinema projection lenses. One of the critical quality benchmarks is to keep microscopic dust contamination of internal surfaces to a minimum.

As I could not justify, and did not need a full "clean room", I picked a Sentry Air SS-324-PCR (24" model) to provide the "clean" environment I needed, where I needed it. My lens assembly has been designed so that once it is assembled and sealed it can be removed from the clean bench-top area and calibrated in a normal room atmosphere, secure in the knowledge that the assembly sealed inside the SS-324-PCR, will remain internally dust-free.

Lastly, the SS-324-PCR is light enough and small enough to pack inside an ordinary SUV for transport to any new workshop location that I may relocate to in the future. It is easy to assemble, clean and remarkably sturdy in construction: an eminently practical solution, where space and cost considerations do not permit a full "clean room" set-up.

I have not seen another unit like the SS-324-PCR anywhere, from any manufacturer, that incorporates such light weight, easy access, portability and reasonable cost. I have had great success with the SS-324-PCR and commend Sentry air for their product, their prompt service, and their product support."

TestimonialsTony Dummett | Xeit Optics

Portable Clean Room

Univ. of California

"I am using the Sentry Air unit to conduct tissue extraction in an outdoor field setting. I work with a very powerful fixative solution that I use when I extract brain tissue, and the unit has proven to be both protective and efficient in containing the chemical within the hood. The system is also portable and easy to move, which has proven to be of great importance as I move between field sites frequently. Assembly and disassembly is very simple, and the unit has proven to fit my needs as a molecular biologist working outdoors under a variety of conditions, be it changing weather or terrain. I would highly recommend this fume hood to any biologist or chemist that requires protection and portability, as it has proven to be both durable and reliable."

Spier Foot

"I have a busy laser practice in Maryland and have been using the Sentry plume extractor for nearly two years. The unit is quiet and efficient. The HEPA filter assures me that we are using the most advanced technology available to ensure patient and staff safety. I highly recommend this unit for any medical practice that desires worry free performance as an adjunct to their laser procedures."

Remington Product Dev.

"The assembly procedure was very straightforward and I was extremely impressed with both the high quality of the components and their precision of fit. Additionally, the operation of the device exceeds the rated cfm values at all operational speeds.  This ductless hood will absolutely meet my lab room requirements.

Our facility safety and environmental director had requested that I demonstrate its operation to him which I did.  We conducted cfm measurements at various locations and motor speeds.  Negative pressures were recorded throughout our evaluation.  Both of us were very impressed with the results.

We will definitely recommend SAS products for future purchases to our various laboratories.  Thank you and SAS for providing such high quality and superior performing products."

TestimonialsRichard Harthun | Remington Product Dev.

Ductless Fume Hood

Hoggard Accupuncture

Paulette, a licensed Acupuncturist, utilizes the Sentry Air Model 300 Portable Floor Sentry during moxa treatments. When moxa (derived from an herbal plant) is burned, it releases smoke and odor.

 “I have been thoroughly pleased with the performance of your fume extractor!  One of the ladies I share clinic space with has asthma and is VERY sensitive to odors.  The fume extractor is doing its job keeping the smoke and odor of moxa treatments from leaving my treatment room.  It means so much to be able to offer my patients moxabustion as a treatment modality because it can make a huge difference in their recovery.”

University of Hawaii

“In our machine shop, we perform a number of operations including milling, lathing, welding and soldering/brazing.  Most recently we were tasked with milling a bunch of 3/4" thick plate steel.  The resulting smoke and smell from the cutting oil was overwhelming.  We tried to ventilate the room with fans but it was ineffective due to our shop being air conditioned within another larger shop.  I decided to look for a portable air cleaner which could be used for all tasks.  After looking  at several different manufacturers, it became obvious the SS-400-WFE portable air cleaner was far and beyond the one to get given its compact size & portability, low noise, good airflow, low power consumption, and versatility.  After receiving our SS-400-WFE, I am happy to report smoke and smell are things of the past.  The SS-400-WFE completely eliminated both. The design is elegantly simple and it’s also well built and should last for many years to come.

We also have very restrictive procurement rules and Sentry's sales engineer, McKay, was very helpful and patient in making it happen.”