ESD-Safe Solder Fume Extractor

Electrostatic discharge, which can be caused by static electricity and electrostatic induction, can result in serious damage to sensitive electronic equipment, such as circuit boards. A variety of engineering controls can be put in place to help avoid electrostatic discharge, such as placing conducting wrist and ankle straps on operators, utilizing anti-static mats and floor materials, humidity manipulation, and a variety of additional control measures.

In many cases, respiratory engineering controls also need to be taken into account when planning for an ESD-Safe work environment. There are several processes across a wide variety of industries that can emit harmful fumes and particulate that operator’s should avoid inhaling. Examples include soldering, conformal coating, and spray flux fumes.

Sentry Air Systems offers a variety of ESD-Safe benchtop and portable fume extractors as well as fume hoods. The majority of our ESD-Safe fume extraction systems are ductless and recirculating, which eliminates the need for costly exterior ducting installation. It also decreases the cost of replenishing heated or cooled air that is displaced outdoors by exterior ducting exhaust systems. This recirculating air pattern is made possible by the use of customized high-quality filtration media.


ESD-Safe Ductless Fume Hoods

Example: 70" Wide Aluminum Ductless Fume Hood [for multiple operators soldering on PCB's]

Sentry Air Systems’ Standard Ductless Fume Hood sizes range from 12" Wide to 70" Wide. Our Custom Hood Division can design and manufacture ESD-Safe fume hoods based on these standard sizes or according to customer specifications.

A variety of ESD-Safe materials are available for fabrication:

Stainless Steel
Aluminum Glass (for front Lid)
Accessories: Static-Dissipative Spill Trays

  • Floor Sentry Air Cleaner

  • 60” Wide Stainless Steel
    ESD-Safe Ductless Spray Hood

  • 40" Wide Stainless Steel ESD-Safe Ductless Spray Hood