Highly Portable Tabletop Solder Fume Extractor

Respiratory safety controls can sometimes be forgotten if your work requires frequent travel. It’s one thing to construct a safe stationary soldering work area in your home office, but if you often travel to various locations and client workspaces to complete your work, you may find yourself in an unsafe working environment that fails to provide adequate ventilation for your process.

Because of the potential health risks involved with overexposure to solder fume, it is important to have respiratory controls both at home and on the road.

Sentry Air’s Stainless Steel Solder Sentry is an example of a highly portable fume extraction solution that can easily be taken with you on your travels. All that you need is a 110V outlet.

This 8 lb. unit, which is equipped with HEPA Filtration [this media is up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger], measures 6.25″ L x 8″ W x 8″ H.

This benchtop fume extractor is ESD-Safe for those worried
about electrostatic discharge damage to sensitive equipment.
Options to Further Customize Your Portable Fume Extractor

Wing Flaps:
Infinitely adjustable “wing flaps” and a acrylic hinged lid are available to further contain your soldering operation. These wings can fold against the sides of the unit when not in use for a more compact travel option.

Flexible Arm:
An semi self-supportive, anti-static flex hose is also available to more efficienctly captures hazardous particles at the source of emission. This arm can easily be detached and reattached for travel.

You can find additional health information and solder fume extractor configuration options (both portable and stationary) in the presentation below. Or visit our website.

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