Tissue Culture Laminar Flow Hoods
Portable Clean Rooms

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Our Portable Clean Rooms (PCR) are highly effective for tissue culture, cell culture, and botany applications where aseptic conditions are required. The environment within our PCR hoods meets and exceeds an ISO Class 5 positive pressure clean room. Our line of PCR hoods can be equipped with an optional ultraviolet light to aid in the sterilization process. Our portable hoods are designed to be used in virtually any laboratory setting and can even be operated in the field or remote locations. Their interior vertical laminar flow and high-quality filtration media create a sterile environment that is optimal for a variety of tissue culture and cell culture applications

Particulates are removed from the air using a powerful fan and a variety of HEPA [up to 99.97% effective on particles .3 microns and larger] or ULPA [up to 99.995% effective on particles .12 microns and larger] filters, creating a sterile air supply within the hood; which is necessary for removing contaminants naturally found on the surfaces of living plant materials.

Sentry Air Systems Portable Clean Room Hoods Conform to
Federal Cleanroom Standards ISO14644-1:1999E, IEST-RP-CC-012.1 and Federal 209 E.