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Industrial Air Cleaner

Sentry Air’s line of Industrial Air Cleaners are designed to filter out airborne dust, contaminants, and particulate to improve air quality and provide a better working environment for both employees and customers. These recirculating units utilize powerful fans and high-quality HEPA filtration and/or Activated Carbon filtration to effectively filter air and redistribute it back into the room.

The principle functions of an Industrial Air Cleaners are:

  • Protection for the user/personnel against toxic fumes and particulates
  • Protection against the experiment or application by recirculating clean air back into the environment and removing the harmful contaminants
  • Protection against the environment by trapping the fumes, toxins and particulates into the filter, and leaving clean air to be released into the immediate area

Typically there are two main types of industrial air cleaners that are utilized in majority: ambient and portable (or, source capture) air cleaners. By concept, ambient air cleaners are installed as either stand-alone systems to create planned air circulation patterns, or in conjunction with source capture equipment for a complete air filtration solution. In addition, portable (or, source capture) air cleaners are often the most efficient filtration systems against particulate, dust, and fumes, by being in the direct working environment of the application.

Industrial Air Cleaner

Ambient Industrial Air Cleaner

The Ambient Industrial Air Cleaner is a highly efficient dual-stage industrial air filtration system that is effective in cleaning and the removal of airborne pollutants without the assistance of external ducting. This self-contained unit can be conveniently mounted in the customer’s desired ceiling location without taking up any floor space.

Typical applications include light welding, sanding, buffing, automotive refinishing, grinding applications and is an optimal addition and safety solution for welding workshops, automotive shops, manufacturing areas, woodshops, or any area that produces light amounts of dust, smoke, or certain fumes. It is also suitable for general air cleaning in environments such as community buildings, offices, cafeterias, sports facilities and other commercial arenas.

Industrial Air Cleaner

Portable Industrial Air Cleaner

The Portable Industrial Air Cleaner is a highly adaptable and compact ambient room air cleaner that features quiet operation, low power consumption, and variable speed control. This air cleaner is equipped with a powerful fan and high quality HEPA filtration media that offers up to 99.97% efficiency on particles 0.3 microns and larger. Other particulate filter options are available including the ASHRAE filter [up to 95% efficiency on particles 0.5 microns and larger], ULPA filter [up to 99.9995% efficiency on particles 0.12 microns and larger]. For those that wish to control organic chemicals and odors, Activated Carbon filtration is also an option as well as specialty-blended filtration media [i.e. Acid Gas, Mercury, Aldehyde, Ammonia]. Filter combinations can be changed to be best suited for the application, as well as multiple filtration media can be housed in the filter chamber to allow filtration of both fumes and particulates. The small footprint of the Portable Air Cleaner makes it an ideal choice for smaller environments that require air purification.

Industrial Air Cleaner

Commercial UV Air Purifier

Commercial UV Air Purifiers are designed to utilize short-wave ultraviolet light to remove unwanted particulate, microorganisms, pathogens, mold, bacteria, and viruses such as COVID-19. Ultimately, sharing the same responsibility as all other industrial air cleaners, the Commercial UV Air Purifier is capable of purfying air and filters at a far greater depth than standard filtration systems. By using UVGI technology, or ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, our Commercial UV Air Purifier is a great fit for most applicaions that need ambient air quality control.

There has been much speculation into the effectiveness of UV Lighting versus bacteria and viruses, and in most cases, UV light inspired air filtraion systems are NOT effective in the irradiation of these microorganisms. Due to the speed in which air passes through a filtration system, the particles that need to be removed would not have the required dwell time to respond in the positive manner needed. Our unique proprietary system specifically addresses this concern and gives users a safe alternative into removing microorganisms that are brought into the filtration system.