Fume Extractors &
Air Purifiers for Medical Processes

Sentry Air Systems offers a variety of air-purifying fume extractors for an array of medical processes and procedures. These easy-to-operate systems are designed to help protect the respiratory zones of the medical professional, patient, and others in the immediate area.

The majority of the options featured below are ductless, so they can be easily added to existing rooms and laboratories as they do not require exterior ducting. Medical professionals can choose from a variety of configurations based on their unique requirements. Options include Ductless and Ducted Fume Hoods, Portable Clean Room Hoods, portable units, wall-mounted units, and tabletop models. These fume extraction systems are used for a variety of applications including:

  • Non-sterile Pharmaceutical Compounding
  • Collodion application
  • Fecal testing
  • Urinalysis
  • Tissue culturing
  • Cidex® and other sterilization product use
  • Laser surgery fume control
  • IV bag compounding
  • General solvent use
  • Ambient hospital and laboratory air cleaning
  • Compounding powders
  • Clean room usage
  • Epoxy use for bone and dental prosthetics
  • Anesthesia (e.g. Isoflurane, Chloroform)