Air Purification & Fume Extraction Equipment for Medical Applications

Sentry Air Systems offers a variety of air purification and fume extraction units for use in the medical field. These systems incorporate high-quality filtration media [e.g. HEPA, ULPA, ASHRAE, Activated Carbon, Speciality-Blended Filter Media], energy efficiency, and modularity that allows these systems to be adapted to changing environments. Particular application examples might include use in:

  • Dental Labs
  • Pathology Labs
  • Orthopedic Labs
  • Clean Room Applications
  • Critical-Care Facilities
  • General Air Purification
  • Bone Marrow Transplant Units
  • Hematology ICUs
  • Respiratory Sensitivities
  • Microbiology Labs
  • Laser Surgery Fume & Odor
  • Pharmacies
  • and More.

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