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Cleanable Filters

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When using an air filtration system it is important to find the right type of filter for the application utilized. However, choosing the ‘right’ air filter can be a very confusing process due to the different varieties and configurations that are more readily available.

In many high volume use applications where filter saturation may be more frequent, it is recommended that a high efficiency cleanable filter be used. Users, however, must be diligent in keeping this air filter clean as its effectiveness is dependent on its optimal airflow.

Cleanable air filters usually have a MERV rating between 1 and 4, and are typically used to trap larger particles such as dust and soot. However, our fire retardant, Micro-Pleat Series filter media has an efficiency rating of MERV 15, which is very useful in capturing small particles such as allergens, fumes, smoke, and bacteria.

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Cleaning the Filter

Cleanable air filters require a higher frequency of maintenance to ensure the optimal efficiency of the air filtration system. Cleaning the filter is done by applying pressurized air to the outside of the filter and removing the pollutants from the filter. The disposable material is then removed by pulling out a tray at the bottom of the filtration system, and disposing of the waste.

It is imperative to use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when disposing the waste.

Once you have dumped out all of the pollutants, it is imperative to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned and dried before placing the drawer back into your unit. If the drawer is damp or wet, there is a significantly high chance of inviting bacteria and various fungus to form and circulate back through the air.